Group History

The Democratic Club of Big Bear Valley:
From the Past to the Present

Successful social organizations usually start with small groups of like-minded people and expand from there. The history of the Democratic Club of Big Bear Valley has followed that path. From its beginnings as a casual monthly gathering to the active political group it is today, the Club has served as a collective voice for Valley “Dems” since 2001.

In a community where a majority of voters are Republican, the Club has always provided much-needed balance in the public forum. Activities range from endorsing candidates to supporting environmental causes; from rallying for gun control to registering voters. Members share the progressive values of the Democratic Party and are proud that as an official chartered organization, the DCBBV plays a role in local, state and ultimately national politics.

Though its core values have never wavered, the character of the Democratic Club of Big Bear Valley has evolved over the years. Upon its founding in 2001, the Club mostly provided a way for locals to socialize and converse with other progressives. But it didn’t take long before the membership roster grew to over 100 and the DCBBV began to put energy into making positive changes in the community. Now eighteen years later that energy is still making a difference!

Irene Gould – DCBBV past president