Club Officers

2017 – 2018 Officers

Constitutional Officers:


Jeff Villepique

Newly elected after President David Foltz left our area, Jeff is a lifelong Democrat and union member for most of his adult life.  Jeff cut his teeth in activism by protesting the Nevada Nuclear Test Site 25 years ago and has a passion for engaging citizens to participate in the democratic process by illustrating the influence of politics on our daily lives.  Jeff has a Master’s and Ph.D. in Biology and works in state government.


Vice President: 

Brian  Conley

Brian Conley has been active with the Democratic party and in higher education public policy all his adult life.  He has worked to elect Democrats from city council members to U.S. Presidents and served 2 years as an Aide to a U.S. Congressman.  He has represented the State Assembly on state school/college boards/commissions and was a gubernatorial appointee to the State Community College Board of Governors.  He has worked on higher public policy in Sacramento and Washington D.C.  Brian was elected for 24 years as a Community College Trustee. He holds a Masters in Fine Art degree and is now retired and lives in Big Bear Lake.

Secretary:  Andrea Stewart

Treasurer & Membership:  John Trott


Webmaster, PR and Media Liason: 
Lexa Villepique

Meet a person with enough coding skills to get roped into web page maintenance.

I’m a nerd, a personal astrophysicist of the local club, and Trekkie.
I joined club effort because I believe that supporting science means supporting the better future of our country. And since the science is the partisan thing today, I support a party that supports science.
And I’m quite irked by all those corrupt characters in government, so I support actions for transparency, limiting of lobbying, limiting of terms, and forcing representatives to represent us, not corporations.