What We Do

Democracy Matters


The Democratic system ONLY works well when the majority of the eligible voters are informed voters  and participate in the elections.  Today, in our country, it can be easily demonstrated that only about 25% to 28% of the eligible electorate participates in elections. These numbers can erode to less than a 12% participation in mid-term and local elections. The problem here is that the candidates and incumbents who seek public office understand only too well that only those who vote consistently really matter. Certain groups, mainly the poor, uneducated, homeless, old and infirm and certain ethnicities, simply don’t count in an office seeker or incumbent’s political estimations and programs because they notoriously DO NOT VOTE. The evidence of this can be easily seen in the new laws which have popped up in red states such as North Carolina with its voter suppression laws and Wisconsin and Michigan with their anti union and anti healthcare laws. California has even been hoodwinked into an “Open Primary” system designed to favor the moneyed candidates on the right wing.

Please don’t kid yourself, MONEY COUNTS and The Golden Rule is: he who has the gold makes the rules. The wealthy few are calling the tune these days and the right wing, tea party republican politicians are dancing to that tune.

Yet, it is still the law in our land that there is one vote per one person but IF YOU DON’T VOTE YOU DON’T COUNT is the reality of our political process. This is why our current situation in in our area exists as it does.

Our club is dedicated to educating eligible voters in our service area and motivating them to GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE on Election Day. To do this consistently and effectively we need to train ourselves and work to educate the voters on the issues.