General Meeting Agenda


General Meeting Agenda for April 5, 2018

6:30 p.m. 6:30 Call to Order (Jeff Villepique)

         Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence

6:35 Welcome and introduction of guests (Jeff Villepique)

Jim Otterstrom Memorial Silent Book Auction

6:40 Board Reports (max 5 minutes each)

  1. Secretary’s Report (Jeanne Avery) – Approval of General Mtg. Minutes, March 1 2018.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Shelley Golden)
  3. President’s report (Jeff Villepique)
  4. Vice President’s report (Brian Conley)
  5. Membership Director’s report (Christy Jones)
  6. Media Director (Alex Villepique)
  7. Social Committee (Alex Villepique)

7:00 New business

1. Guest Speaker Jacqueline Burns, Communications Coordinator and Policy Advisor for Marge Doyle, Democratic Candidate for the 8th Congressional district.

7:30 Reports; committees and initiatives`

  1. Report from endorsements committee (Brian Conley)
  2. Canvassing and Voter Registration (Marylyn Shubin, co-chair)
  3. Voter Registration Committee Report (Annie Aldrich)

8:00 Call for additional reports or motions

8:10 Announcements

1. Trumping Democracy Movie -special event –April 21 5-7 PM (Alex Villepique)

2. Congratulations to Gabriel and Maria Rojas, proprietors of Sonora Cantina and the Old Country Inn

3. Cancelled April 28th Blue Wave Town Hall Lt Governors Fourm. (LaPlante/Villepique)

8:20 Adjourn business meeting
8:20–8:30 Talk with committee leaders, fill out postcard, bid on books, etc.

Conclude this month’s Jim Otterstrom Memorial Silent Book Auction