Results of the annual poll

At the end of the last year, the Executive board introduced long and short term goals for the club. Those are put on voting for the members of the club. The poll was closed on January 20th, and results were presented at the last general meeting.

Long term goals

In order of the importance:

  1. The club should help elect Democrats locally
  2. The club should help elect Democrats for non-partisan positions
  3. Expand club membership
  4. The club should register more Democratic voters

Short term goals and actions

In order of willingness of the members to volunteer to participate:

  1. Support Democratic state and federal candidates
  2. Reintroduce social events like Liberal Libation, walks, cinema, etc.
  3. Support Democratic efforts across the nation
  4. Concentrate on local candidates and issues
  5. Support local activist organization with parallel goals
  6. Recruit candidates for local offices
  7. Improve club visibility in the community
  8. Participate in the charity and civic programs
  9. Identify non-partisan locally elected Democrats

Below are activities that had very few interested parties. Those activities will probably happen only if people interested in doing them actually decide to step up.

  1. Put the club and its issues on the agenda of the local boards
  2. Registering voters
  3. Participate in the Business Chamber mixers
  4. Concentrate only on political activities
  5. Hosting a public event (lunch/dinner) with a guest speaker
  6. volunteering to attend central committee meetings and local board meetings
  7. Sponsoring awards in the community and hosting a ceremony


Last year the club members participated in many activities. Here are those activities ranked by the popularity among the people who took the poll:

  • Postcard writing 100%
  • General meeting attendance 82%
  • Liberal Libation 70%
  • BBQ/Holiday party attendance 70%
  • Corner Protest 70%
  • Marches Women/Science/EarthDay 70%
  • Voter registration 53%
  • Member of the subcommittee 41%
  • Canvasing 35%
  • Text banking 35%
  • Liberal walks 29%
  • Phone banking 12%
  • SciFi club 11%

At the request of a few members, a question of the length and structure of the general meeting was raised. Majority of the members are satisfied with the structure so it will remain the same.

Big thank you to all members who filled the poll.



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