Actions for this week!

FCC will attempt to roll back Net Neutrality this week, do not forget to send an email to:

When you address the e-mails, do it precisely – capital letters and punctuation are essential.​
Here is an excerpt from my e-mail. Please write your own –
“That is your job – to follow the will of the citizen and stand against the much more powerful corporations that would try to profit from them (the sole purpose of a corporation) without delivering anything in return.
When the FCC asked for public input on this topic, you are now aware that a small system of agents with a purpose created false IDs to pack the comments on behalf of the corporations. Should you end Net Neutrality, that will be investigated, proven, and you will be shown to be so gullible
as to fall for the ruse. Then you will be disgraced and removed from the position of trust you now hold.”
The vote will happen on December 14th, and prior to that, they must hear from the public (not the fake ones) and from our Congressional representatives. We should at least TRY to get Paul Cook to listen between now and then.

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If you missed the gathering in front of the Paul Cook office, call him. Let Paul Cook know you’re watching him, and won’t accept a partisan vote along party lines; that he owes our DISTRICT his primary loyalty – not the Party.

To call, the Washington office is: 202.225.5861
The local office is: 760.247.1815

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