We lost a battle  when the House passed their version of the Tax Bill (with Rep. Cook voting yes), but that was expected.  Just like with the downfall of TrumpCare, the real chance to defeat it is in the Senate where there are some responsible Republicans and they need to hear from a lot of us NOW (as they plan to vote on it the week after Thanksgiving and have it on Trump’s desk by Christmas).  It is also critical that the Senate version is defeated as they have inserted a provision to repeal the ACA mandate which will cause more younger/healthier persons to not get health insurance and make premiums go up for ALL of us who do have health insurance (and deliver a “death blow” to the ACA).  TWO Republican Senators Susan Collins (MA) and Ron Johnson (WI) have already come out against it, so we just need to get one more from the “undecided” list below:
Contact these “undecided” Republican Senators today and ask them to vote NO on the Senate Tax Bill:
1) Senator John McCain (AZ): (202) 224-2235 and
2) Senator Jeff Flake (AZ): 202-224-4521 and
3) Senator Bob Corker (TN): 202-224-3344 and
4) Senator Rand Paul (KY): 202-224-4343 and

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