Tell Rep. Cook: Not one penny in tax cuts to the superrich!

Move On urges action against Tax bill.


Yesterday Republicans revealed their tax bill, and it is just as bad as we feared. This scam is a one-two punch: massive tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy that are funded by slashing health care, education, and other essential programs.1 We have to stop this bill, but we don’t have much time—Republicans plan to push through a vote in the House before the end of this month.

Please call Representative Paul Cook right now at (202) 225-5861 and demand that he vote NO on this scam to give corporations, millionaires, and billionaires—like Donald Trump and the members of his cabinet—a tax break, paid for by slashing programs that regular Americans rely on.

After calling, click here to tell us how your call went, so that we can report the number of calls to the media covering how Congress is dealing with grassroots opposition to the Republican tax scam.

Trump and his cronies can try to dress it up, but make no mistake: This tax scam is a huge giveaway to corporations and the rich, and would be devastating to millions of Americans around the country. Republicans are moving trillions to the richest Americans—and the way they’ll pay for it is by slashing vital services like health care and education, while ballooning the deficit for the sake of their wealthy donors.

And we know that trickle down economic plans like this one don’t work. In 2012, the Republican governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback signed into law a similar plan. He promised that the tax cuts would lead to massive growth and job opportunities across the state. Want to guess what happened next? His plan resulted in nearly $700 million in budget deficits each year, leading to school closures, cancellation of public programs, and job losses around the state.2

It’s simple: Tax scams do not work. They only benefit the wealthy and put the rest of us at risk.

Republicans barely passed their budget resolution, so we know that every vote is critical. We can defeat this bill. But every Republican needs to hear outrage from constituents today, because the first 36 hours after a bill is released are critical!

Please call Rep. Cook right now at (202) 225-5861 and tell him not to vote for one penny in corporate giveaways, and not one penny in cuts to health care and programs that invest in the American people.

Trouble getting through? You can also try one of Rep. Cook’s local offices:

  • Representative Paul Cook
    • Apple Valley, CA: 760-247-1815
    • Yucaipa, CA: 909-797-4900

After calling, click here to tell us how your call went.

We know that massive public pressure from the Resistance movement works to stop terrible policies—just look at how we have been able to defeat Trumpcare over and over again! Now we have to make sure that the GOP tax scam meets the same fate.

If we are able to succeed here, we will have stopped the Trump administration from achieving even a single legislative victory in 2017. We will go into 2018 energized and ready to take back the House. Join us, and make your voice heard right now.

Thanks for all you do.

–Sunjeev, Manny, Emma, Ben, and the rest of the team


1. “Republican Plan Delivers Permanent Corporate Tax Cut,” The New York Times, November 2, 2017

2. “Kansas Tried a Tax Plan Similar to Trump’s. It Failed.” The New York Times, October 10, 2017

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