Things you can do this week

Here are recommended actions from the Indivisible group:

  • Contact Rep. Cook’s office and ask him to support H.R. 3771 “Special Counsel Integrity Act” which will help ensure the Trump Administration can’t obstruct the Russia Investigation.You can say: “I want Rep. Cook to co-sponsor legislation to protect the Trump-Russia criminal investigation from political obstruction. Please support and help pass the Jones-Conyers bill, H.R.3771, to limit Donald Trump’s authority to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.”
    DC Phone: (202) 225-5861
    Email: https://cookforms.house.gov/contact/
  • Support those impacted by the wildfires in Northern California. After more than a week, wildfires continue to consume Northern California. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and more than 40 people have died. Contribute now to the North Bay Fire Relief fund endorsed by Indivisible Sonoma County to support relief efforts.
  • The House is on recess now. Show up and make your voice heard. From demanding Congress combat Trump’s latest sabotage of our healthcare system and pass a clean DREAM Act, to defeating the #TrumpTaxScam


You can also join the little group of progressives that demonstrate every Thursday near Vons’. Bring your own signs or borrow extra from the group at the corner. Make sure that signs are polite and respectful.

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