ACTION: Stop Arrowhead Water un-permitted withdrawal of water

An excellent article as part of the Desert Sun’s reporting on the continued un-permitted withdrawal by Arrowhead Water (i.e. Nestle) of a massive volume of water from our local mountains.  The result of these continued withdrawls throughout over five years of drought is dry streambeds and localized extirpation of federally endangered frogs and birds.

What you can do?

Tell the FDA to enforce the law that prevents Nestle from labeling well water as “spring water” with a letter like the attached example


send a message though the Story of Stuff web site:

Click “Take Action Now” to send a message to Jody Noiron, Forest Supervisor, San Bernardino National Forest

“It’s time to return the flow to Strawberry Creek and put an end to Nestle’s falsely labeled product which is destroying habitat during a time of critical drought.  Please reject Nestle’s permit renewal.”

Thanks for acting to protect OUR forest!


Transcript of the Jeff’s letter:

October 10, 2017


Mr. William Correll,

Director, Office of Compliance,

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

Food and Drug Administration

Harvey W. Wiley Building Room 3B-066

5100 Paint Branch Parkway

College Park, MD 20740


Dear Mr. Correll,

I am writing to ask that you ensure that FDA performs a thorough review of the claim, by Nestle Inc., that its Arrowhead brand is “spring water.” Such advertisement is patently false, as the US Forest Service has determined that, “water sold as spring water is in fact groundwater from bore holes,” in violation of the FDA’s definition of spring water, defined as water that;

“flows naturally to the surface of the earth. The water may be collected at a spring or through a borehole tapping the underground source that feeds the spring.”

Nestle’s horizontal wells do not feed a spring and thus must not be sold as “spring water.” Please ensure that due diligence is performed in review this issue.


Jeffrey T. Villepique, Ph.D.

and pdf version for your download:FDAletter

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