Oppose H. R. 2603

Our community is dependent on the natural resources. Congress is considering eliminating the essential protection of the Endangered Species Act. Below you can find details of the action call and the example of the letter Jeff already sent.

Subject: Oppose H. R. 2603

Dear Representative Cook,

I have just learned that Congress is considering HR 2603, a bill that eliminates the most basic protections of the Endangered Species Act. HR 2603 will drastically undermine America’s leadership in protecting beloved species including elephants, lions, rhinos and more.

As a professional Wildlife Biologist, hunter and conservationists, I’m disturbed to learn that Congress may toss aside the bipartisan-support that established the Ivory Rule limiting interstate commerce of wildlife products.

If this bill goes through it will restrict protections of the Endangered Species Act to species native to North America. It will also reduce our ability to catch and punish wildlife criminals. This is particularly troubling as it is well established that profits from wildlife trafficking feed terrorism and rebel conflict – costing human lives and causing destabilization.

The world wants to save elephants, rhinos and other species, but voting for this bill is tantamount to telling poachers to ramp up their operations. Please vote no!


Jeff Villepique, Ph.D.

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